About Stine

I make an effort in creating your favourite jewellery. That favourite piece that connects you to yourself, your memories and the feeling of strenght and personality.

The feeling of belonging is a strong part of my own DNA and with that also the DNA of my jewellery. I am based in Copenhagen but I belong to my home island Ærø in southern Denmark. This is where I grew up. This is where I find a lot of the inspiration for my jewellery. On the Island I find my inner peace and I feel the core of me. This feeling of inner peace, space and belonging brings so much creativity with it and inspires me. The island is always with me, whether I'm there or not.


I design jewellery because I am fascinated by the meaning and symbolism of jewellery and why we as human beings choose to adorn ourselves with shiny beautiful pieces.

Having a piece of jewellery that is your favourite is the most beautiful thing. There are so many feelings in jewellery, and we all have favourites because of different reasons. Often Jewellery is something that we give as a gift to ourselves or someone else in connection with important occasions and anniversaries in our lives.

This is why I strive to create the shape of your favourite jewellery, its up to you to put the feelings and the meaning into it.


You are always welcome to stop by my workshop in Copenhagen. If you would like a meeting please book an appointment :-)