About Stine

Hi there!

I am a Copenhagen based jeweller with a focus on sustainability and a mad love for pearls and wedding rings.

I love making wedding bands and engagement rings, and highly cherish the process in meeting the costumers and designing the perfect ring for them.

My love for pearls grew strong as I worked for the company Marc'Harit Pearls who supply jewellers all over the world with high quality sustainable pearls. Through this work I gained expert knowledge on pearls and my vision of a more sustainable jewellery industry developed.

So how does this sustainability come to life in the everyday in my workshop?

Every gemstone is natural, mined and cut under sustainable, ethical conditions.
I use only high quality saltwater pearls that are traceable and cultivated under the right ethical conditions, giving more to the ocean then what they take.
Knowing the origin of every piece is very important to me. 

Working as a goldsmith often means a use of a variety of chemicals. However I have chosen not to work with these, and I am constantly looking for new ways to get around this. It is not the easy way, but it can be done.

You are always welcome to stop by my shop and workshop STUDIO 13O in Copenhagen. If you would like a meeting please book an appointment :-)

XX Stine