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Material: 14karat gold, with an 11mm Tahiti pearl

The Tahiti cultured pearl is a pearl with one of the largest variety of natural colours to be found, cultivated in the remote lagoons of the French Polynesian atolls in the South Pacific Ocean by in the black lipped oyster.

The pearls are grown in coherence with the sustainable principles.
Pearl oysters need pristine water conditions to produce high-quality pearls. Any decline in water quality directly impacts oyster health, resulting in poorer pearl quality, which is why it is crucial that the pearl farmers protect the environment.

So when you buy a pearl, you should feel like you are investing in the world’s oceans. Every pearl is unique in its shape and colour, and the time it takes for an oyster to make this wonder is sometimes several years

STINE VESTEN is working closely together with the Danish pearls supplier Marc'Harit. Marc'Harit ensures, high quality pearls cultivated according to the sustainable principles with great respect for both the environment, humans and animals.

The DARLING collection are all unique pieces because of the uniqueness of every pearl. Every pearl has its own significance, colour and lustre.
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